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Danijel Jovanović

Web Developer - Graphic Artist - UX Designer - OOP Developer



Studying web development is a path with many ups and downs. You might have one day where you figure out a tough problem and feel absolutely amazing. But then the very next day, you get stuck on a seemingly easy problem for hours. You end up feeling completely defeated. It’s often hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. But when you’re in those tough, dark spots, try to find the motivation to hang in there. Remind yourself of your ultimate goal in learning to code. Maybe it’s to get a better job, to provide for your family, or to find a more purposeful form of work.

You can also find encouragement from others who are in the same boat as you. Knowing that there are people who struggle with the same issues can be hugely encouraging. And seeing them fight their way through could be all the motivation that you need to continue. Because you’ll know that you’re not alone. That’s one of the greatest benefits of communities like freeCodeCamp. It’s not just about coding lessons. It’s about being part of a community where other people have the same dreams and goals as you.

Make a fluid code

Making complex code requires a lot of time and, of course, a little bit more knowledge. Nothing isn't impossible! Easy projects are easy to be done. Complex projects are more funny for work.

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We can understand people like you. Your wishes are our impressions, you're our engine,you're our power!

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The End?

To make a new start you need one end. But why to be scared from end? Every end is a new start.

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